On the way to multipetawatt power. PEARL-10

The laser complex PEARL-10 with rated capacity surpassing 5 PW that is under way in IAP RAS is based on the OPCPA principles same as PEARL, but with a radically revised and optimized scheme. Three pump lasers with pulse energy over 200 J at a wavelength of 527 nm will provide high power and energy. New spatial filters that are se veral times shorter than the ones used in PEARL have been designed to ensure compactness of the installation. Spherical aberration of the beam arising in such filters is compensated by means of a deformable mirror.

Schematic of laser complex PEARL-10

To enhance laser stability and increase pulse repetition rate the architecture of laser heads and power supply of pump lasers have been changed. The pulse repetition rate has been increased up to 1 pulses/6 min. The compensation of depolarization and optical pulse distortions arising at such repetition rate has been investigated. The residual depolarization was less than 2%.

For improving the quality of the signal radiation, an additional spatial filter has been placed between the last cascade of parametric amplification and the compressor. Because of large aperture of the elements and broad spectrum of signal radiation, composite lenses of the telescope have been manufactured. The transmission band of the telescope is ±50 nm, maintaining diffraction-limited radiation. The optical scheme of pulse compressor has been modified. The effective aperture of the optical elements has been enlarged up to 200 mm.

Compensation of depolarization distortions arising in active elements of a pump laser at high repetition rate of generated pulses

All these features of laser design are expected to provide the radiation power of several petawatts, which will permit implementing in experiments new, effective methods of charged particle acceleration and generation of X-ray and gamma radiation with unique characteristics.

High-power laser complexes

The laser is constructed in a specially equipped area of about 300 m2. The laser will have an untied recessed footing to ensure stable operation. A special room with additional protection against ionizing radiation is intended for investigation of the interaction of powerful optical radiation with solid and gas targets.

PEARL-10 under construction